Laundry Butler Accessory Kit

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This package is the perfect add-on to our Basics 5 Hanger package that also allows you to AIR-DRY your favorite jeans, slacks, shorts, skirts, under garments or anything else you can think of.  Not only can you perfectly Air-DRY shirts and sweaters without unwanted creases or shoulder bumps, NOW you can also perfectly Air-DRY shirts and sweaters with collars and prevent “flat-collar” with our patented Collar-Stays.  Our patented Collar-Stays allow your collared-garments to dry in their true form and ready to wear every time.  This package would not be complete without our revolutionary patent pending Click-IT Clips.  We took the hassle out of indoor clotheslines, no more fussing with standard clips or unwanted creases… Simply clip the garment 1st with the Click-IT Clip and then Click-IT on our removeable draping rod, it’s that easy.  Just $19.95

Package includes:

    • 10 Collar Stays
    • 10 Click-IT Clips
    • 5 Garment Draping Rods
    • 1 Travel Storage Bag

Customer Reviews

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Great results

It took some getting used to assembling the hanger inside the garment but once I figured it out it was quick after that. I love that my sweaters didn’t have shoulder bumps! This was far better than laying flat to dry!!!

I love these products...but

In this case the bag that was coming I thought would be long enough for all of the pieces including the cross bars but it isn't quite. Otherwise it would get 5 stars.

Best Laundry Ever!

I love this system!